The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations

The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561645591
Year 2012
Pages 174
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

An updated guide to laws and recommended operating procedures for homeowners associations, cross-referenced to Florida statutes, includes guidelines for meetings and voting, budget and finances, and rights and responsibilities of the association and its members. Original.

New Neighborhoods

New Neighborhoods Author Gary Poliakoff
ISBN-10 9781934572184
Year 2009
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group

A consumers' guide discusses buying and living in a condo or home that is part of a co-op or association community, detailing rights and responsibilities, how associations operate, and the legal and social aspects of community living.


Privatopia Author Evan McKenzie
ISBN-10 0300066384
Year 1994
Pages 237
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

This book is the first comprehensive study of the political and social issues posed by the rise of common-interest housing developments and their private governments. Tracing the history of this type of housing from the nineteenth century to the present, McKenzie highlights the important but little-understood role public policy has played in advancing this large-scale 'privatization for the few', and he concludes by considering the implications for civil liberties and for politics at all levels of government.

The Condominium Concept

The Condominium Concept Author Peter Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561647179
Year 2014-11-01
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

A practical and popular guide to operating a successful condominium association in Florida. Working tool with forms and references to the latest Florida Statutes. For officers, owners, realtors, attorneys and directors.

Resident Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives

Resident Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561647268
Year 2014-11-01
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

A helpful and practical tool for leaders of residential cooperatives in Florida. It is the only complete guide to their operations and management, and it gives special attention to the unique components of mobile home cooperatives.

The Homeowners Association Manual

The Homeowners Association Manual Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 9781561643134
Year 2004
Pages 159
Language en
Publisher Pineapple Press Inc

Single-family Subdivisions Townhouse and Cluster Developments Mobile Homeowners Associations Master Community Associations A homeowners association is designed to preserve the common welfare and the property values of the community. In a properly operated community, it does. In a poorly run community, it does not. The proper operating procedures are not difficult, but they are often overlooked or misunderstood. This manual provides a step-by-step explanation of the requirements for meetings, membership voting, and the necessary parliamentary procedures. It serves as a guide to help ensure that the association carries out its responsibilities fairly and effectively. You will learn: o the concept and purpose of a homeowners association o the rights and responsibilities of individual owners o how to run effective meetings o what documents you need for meetings o the rules of procedure and proper decorum o the role of the board of directors o the role of committees

Trade Hoa Stress for Success

Trade Hoa Stress for Success Author Erik Wecks
ISBN-10 0692354166
Year 2014-12-16
Pages 142
Language en

Too often serving on your HOA board feels like a no-one-wanted-it-and-I-got-stuck-with-it kind of position, but a few simple changes can turn HOA drudgery into an enjoyable and, dare we say, rewarding experience. Trade HOA Stress for Success explores proven methods to transform your board from a crisis-driven, over-worked, and isolated group into a focused team with clear goals and direction. Learn to communicate the board's success to your members and create the kind of care-free living an HOA promises. Written by industry experts, Trade HOA Stress for Success will give every member a shortcut to years of HOA management experience without learning wisdom through costly mistakes.

Working with Your Homeowners Association

Working with Your Homeowners Association Author Marlene M. Coleman
ISBN-10 9781572483330
Year 2003
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher SphinxLegal

" absolute MUST HAVE for anyone owning or planning to purchase a condominium. Don't buy a condo without it." -Jerome Jahn, Attorney and Real Estate Broker Pasadena, California BE PART OF A THRIVING COMMUNITY-YOURS! Every community-whether condominium, townhouse or gated-has the potential to be a great place to live. Safe and secure. Neighborly. A place to not only protect, but increase what may be your biggest investment. When moving into a community with a homeowners association, you not only buy a home, you choose a way of life. "Here, at last, is a truly comprehensive manual on condominium living, written by knowledgeable homeowners, for homeowners. You'll want to read it from cover to cover and keep it as a living reference as you learn the ins and outs of your community operations." -Judy G. Campion, AMS, CCAM, PCAM, Los Angeles, California "Working with Your Homeowners Association is a valuable guide to all aspects of community living. It provides the tools and blueprint necessary for all involved in the workings of community life....great benefit at all levels-residents, directors, committees, and attorneys." -Stephen C. Sawicki, Attorney, Orlando, Florida GET EXPERT GUIDANCE ON ALL OF THE IMPORTANT ISSUES -The structure and management of a homeowners association -Getting involved with your association to create a positive community experience -Keeping your association-and your investment-financially secure Plus, questionnaires, checklists, a board member manual and other recommended reading and resources for you and your association.

Robert s Rules of Order

Robert s Rules of Order Author Henry M. Robert
ISBN-10 143447545X
Year 2008-08
Pages 324
Language en
Publisher Wildside Press LLC

Robert's Rules of Order is the informal short title of a book containing rules of order intended to be adopted for use by a deliberative assembly. The rules are widely used in the United States and Canada.

Florida Real Estate Principles Practices Law

Florida Real Estate Principles  Practices   Law Author Linda L. Crawford
ISBN-10 0793180961
Year 2003-11-01
Pages 504
Language en
Publisher Dearborn Real Estate

This Florida real estate principles text provides up-to-date, state-specific information. Updated annually with the latest developments in Florida real estate law, this text should be a prelicensing staple for real estate students that effectively combines legal and practical aspects of Florida real estate laws and practices for prospectives salespersons.

Smoke Free Condos

Smoke Free Condos Author Dr Joyce Starr
ISBN-10 0988239477
Year 2013-09
Pages 82
Language en
Publisher Starr Publications

Condominium Owners: Do you long for smoke free living? Do you wish you could convince your condominium board to restrict secondhand smoke inside units? Smoke Free Condos provides precise procedures for amending your condominium association declaration and documents for smoke free living. The author addresses recent case and state law on secondhand smoke in condominiums, the Law of Nuisance, Quiet Enjoyment of Property and key amendment procedures. She provides a detailed explanation of amendment milestones and costs. Smoke Free Condos is the first comprehensive guide for condominium associations and homeowners associations, community association law firms, nonprofit organizations promoting smoke-free policies and government agencies. Second Hand Smoke: The author fought a four year battle against second hand smoke in her condo association. After numerous setbacks, she was elected to her condo board, and thereafter as treasurer, where she led the effort to amend the Governing Declaration to restrict smoking inside units and to define secondhand smoke as a nuisance. A single misstep could have undermined the entire endeavor. According to available records, her medium-sized condominium complex was the first in Florida to amend the Governing Declaration for this purpose. The challenges and hurdles faced - and overcome - are vividly presented. "Opponents stated with certainty that we would be sued and lose. They raised the specter of staggering legal costs that would sink the condominium association. Defending their castle, they compared the smell of secondhand smoke to garlic and bacon." Smoke free condo advocates typically confront fierce opposition, including personal threats. For the author, backing down was not an option. Prior foes became supporters and one determined ally helped bring the vote across the finish line. Smoke-free amendments do not "magically" pass. This back story can help others succeed. Smoke Free Condos provides a critical path to smoke free multifamily housing. Author of 17 books, Dr. Joyce Starr is a sought-after condo rights expert and public speaker. Her works include: Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights and Secondhand Smoke Crimes