Lead With Respect

Lead With Respect Author Michael Ballé
ISBN-10 9781934109489
Year 2014-07-28
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher Lean Enterprise Institute

"Lead With Respect is a terrific book that puts the elements of genuine motivation into a broader context and helps leaders translate those principles into action." —Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell Is Human and Drive "The Ballé books are a great way to get started or to speed up your pace of transformation, personal and organizational." —Jim Womack, Founder of Lean Enterprise Institute In their new business novel Lead With Respect, authors Michael and Freddy Ballé reveal the true power of lean: developing people through a rigorous application of proven tools and methods. And, in the process, creating the only sustainable source of competitive advantage—a culture of continuous improvement. In this engaging and insightful story, CEO Jane Delaney of Southcape Software discovers from her sensei Andy Ward that learning to lead with respect enables her to help people improve every day. “For us, lean is all about challenging yourself and each other to find the right problems, and working hard every day to engage people in solving them,” he says. Lead With Respect’s timely message brings a new understanding of lean. While lean has become essential for companies to compete in today’s global economy, most practitioners see it as a rigorous focus on process to produce higher quality goods and services—a limited understanding that fails to realize the true power of this approach. This new novel by the Ballés, the third in a series that includes Shingo Research Award-winners The Gold Mine and The Lean Manager, breaks new ground by sharing huge amounts of practical information on the most important yet least understood aspect of lean management: how to develop people through a rigorous application of lean tools. You’ll learn: How to apply Lead With Respect attitudes to the lean tools you are using now so that you develop a truly sustainable lean culture.What specific steps to follow to make lean leadership behaviors daily habits.How to manage with respect through the emotion, conflict, tension, and self-doubt that you’ll face during a lean transformation.

The Gold Mine

The Gold Mine Author Michael Ballé
ISBN-10 9781934109298
Year 2010-01-12
Language en
Publisher Lean Enterprise Institute

"Mike Woods urges his retired father into helping out a friend's failing company. But for Bob Woods, another struggle to introduce lean manufacturing quickly rehashes production battles that he's long since fought. And not even the senior Woods, son Mike, or friend Phil and his colleagues really grasp what's in store for them."--Cover.

Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead Author Thomas Lutz
ISBN-10 9780595309016
Year 2004
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Author Tom Lutz brings over 35 years experience in Human Resources Management to bear in Dare to Lead guiding those in leadership positions on how to get people to work together effectively. The author challenges leaders in no-nonsense language to improve their leadership skills by: Treating people with respect Being appropriately empathetic Being consistent and predictable Accepting only the best performance Developing a Servant Leadership approach Resolving employee disputes early Dare to Lead is a practical guide to thoughtful, humane leadership and is highlighted with everyday examples. Lutz captures the essence of building strong work relationships between leaders and followers to make Dare to Lead a valuable read for supervisors, managers and team leaders in any organization.

Lean In

Lean In Author Sheryl Sandberg
ISBN-10 9783843705783
Year 2013-03-30
Pages 312
Language de
Publisher Ullstein eBooks

In Deutschland sitzen in den Vorständen der 100 umsatzstärksten Firmen gerade einmal drei Prozent Frauen. International sieht es nicht viel besser aus. Sheryl Sandberg ist COO von Facebook und gehörte davor zur Führungsmannschaft bei Google. Zusammen mit ihrem Mann Dave erzieht sie zwei kleine Kinder. Sie ist eine der wenigen sichtbaren Top-Managerinnen weltweit und ein Vorbild für Frauen aller Generationen. In ihrem Buch widmet sie sich ihrem Herzensthema: Wie können mehr Frauen in anspruchsvollen Jobs an die Spitze gelangen? Sie beschreibt äußere und innere Barrieren, die Frauen den Aufstieg verwehren. Sandberg zeigt, wie jede Frau ihre Ziele erreichen kann.

Sprache Kultur und Zielgruppen

Sprache  Kultur und Zielgruppen Author Christopher M. Schmidt
ISBN-10 9783835054912
Year 2007-12-08
Pages 361
Language de
Publisher Springer-Verlag

Der Band befasst sich u.a. mit Aspekten der Kommunikationsgestaltung und -effektivierung sowohl innerhalb von Unternehmen als auch im Wechselspiel mit kulturell unterschiedlichen Märkten. Es werden Grundsatzfragen interkultureller Kommunikationsgestaltung in und von Unternehmen sowohl aus theoretischer als auch aus vielseitiger anwendungsbezogener Perspektive unter Berücksichtigung der Zielgruppenadäquatheit behandelt.

Small Animal Internal Medicine E Book

Small Animal Internal Medicine   E Book Author Richard W. Nelson
ISBN-10 9780323243001
Year 2014-02-15
Pages 1504
Language en
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

With hundreds of images and a practical clinical emphasis, Small Animal Internal Medicine, 5th Edition helps you recognize, diagnose, and treat common internal disorders and conditions. Clear, step-by-step guidelines thoroughly describe commonly performed procedures. Hundreds of summary tables make it easy to look up clinical signs, potential causes, drug information, and treatment modalities. This edition is updated with the latest research findings for accurate diagnosis and management of small animal pathologies. Written by veterinary clinicians Richard Nelson and C. Guillermo Couto, and joined by a team of expert contributors, this text is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to solving internal medical challenges. "The many tables, decision trees, drawings and photos highlight the key points which make for a very pleasant read. I bet that the previous edition of this major textbook is a bit dog-eared and so now is the time to invest. ROI* guaranteed. (*Return On Investment)" Reviewed by: Vet's Today Date: July 2014 "As a reference textbook for use on a day-today basis I would highly recommend this book. It lives up to its promises and really is a ‘practical, easy-to-use, quick, clear and logical’ text book for practitioners and students alike." Reviewed by: Veterinary Record Date: June 2014 A problem-oriented approach begins with a discussion of clinical signs, diagnostic recommendations, and techniques, and then moves on to therapeutic considerations and management. Step-by-step procedures provide an easy-to-follow description of each procedure. Over 850 full-color photographs and illustrations accurately depict specific disorders, diseases, and procedures. Color-coded summary tables and boxes make it quick and easy to look up clinical signs, etiology, differential diagnoses, treatment, and recommended drug dosages and indications. Knowledgeable contributors are recognized experts in their respective internal medicine specialties, and known for their clinical as well as academic and research expertise. Practical algorithms promote decision-making skills based on clinical findings. Extensive cross-referencing makes it easy to locate related information. Suggested readings at the end of each chapter facilitate access to the latest research findings. NEW! Updated content on hundreds of internal medicine topics helps you make the best diagnostic and treatment determinations. New coverage includes management of heart failure, chronic mitral valve disease, and heartworm disease; diagnosis of hepatobiliary disease in cats and treatment of pancreatitis in dogs; treatment and monitoring of diabetic dogs and cats; dietary recommendations for obesity in dogs and cats; diagnosis and management of seizure disorders; and new diagnostic methods in patients with hematologic disorders. NEW authors have completely revised the Urinary Tract Disorders and Reproductive System Disorders sections, providing all-new content that clarifies the latest research and clinical findings in these areas. UPDATED! Drug and treatment tables ensure that you have the most current treatment information.

99 Ways to Lead Succeed

99 Ways to Lead   Succeed Author Lynn Bush
ISBN-10 9781317927440
Year 2013-10-18
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Veteran educators Howard J. Bultinck and Lynn H. Bush draw from their own experiences as principals and teachers to offer school leaders 99 lessons they've learned on the job and in daily life. With this book, principals, other administrators, and teacher leaders have a surefire head start on effective school leadership. 99 Ways to Lead and Succeed: Strategies and Stories for School Leaders provides workable insights on the daily life of a school leader, including ways to handle stress, communication tips, moral and ethnical approaches, and more. This handy guide is for all teacher leaders, principals, and administrators who seek to noticeably improve their personal and professional lives in the context of school leadership.

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation Author Denise Curtis
ISBN-10 9781491824795
Year 2013-12
Pages 546
Language en
Publisher Author House

And Lead Us Not into Temptation is a book of truth designed to lead and guide our souls in the balance of right as it inspires a sense of sight fashioned to impress upon us to live as souls in the flesh. And as we walk through, we will hear the sounds of the stoned scales drop off of our eyes and reveal our soul's sight while seeing Jehovah through Jesus in the truest light.

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals Author Jeffrey W. Richig
ISBN-10 9780124159990
Year 2013-11-22
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Academic Press

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals is the only book covering electrocardiography of laboratory animals, including dogs, mini-pigs, and cynomologus monkeys. As more countries institute requirements for the care of laboratory animals in research, this publication offers an effective standard on performing and analyzing ECGs. Topics covered include safety electrocardiography, toxicology, safety pharmacology, and telemetry. Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals will assist biological and medical researchers, veterinarians, zoologists, and students in understanding electrocardiography of various species of animals used in research. Covers safety electrocardiography of large laboratory animals Offers comprehensive analysis of ECGs for practical laboratory use Includes a self-evaluation section for testing of ECG reading and analysis

United Kingdom Selected Issues

United Kingdom  Selected Issues Author International Monetary Fund
Year 2005-03-08
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher International Monetary Fund

The Selected Issues paper examines the dynamics of the inflation process in the United Kingdom, particularly the influence of external shocks. The paper provides a brief summary of existing empirical work. It presents the expectations-augmented Phillips curve model used in the analysis. The basic conclusion is that low inflation in recent years can be explained reasonably well by a combination of increased competitive pressures. The paper also presents some estimates of the degree of possible overvaluation in housing prices and outlines the links between housing prices and the macroeconomy.

Der Lean Manager

Der Lean Manager Author Freddy Balle
ISBN-10 9783446453111
Year 2017-09-11
Pages 480
Language de
Publisher Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

Der Lean Manager zeigt anhand einer mitreißenden Geschichte die gelungene Transformation vom einfachen Werksleiter zum erfolgreichen Lean Manager und vermittelt dabei fast nebenbei die zentralen Lean-Prinzipien. Werksleiter Andrew Ward erkennt, dass technisches Verständnis, betriebswirtschaftlicher Instinkt und die Bereitschaft, Dinge zu ändern, nicht ausreichen, um ein erfolgreicher Lean-Manager zu sein. Um ein Unternehmen zur Weltklasse zu führen, sind Go and See, Kaizen, klare Richtung, Teamwork und gegenseitiges Vertrauen unabdingbar. Unter der Leitung von Phil Jenkinson (dessen eigene "Lean-Entwicklung" das Herzstück von The Gold Mine war) lernt Ward, nicht nur die Verwendung der Lean Tools, sondern auch die entsprechende Geisteshaltung, die notwendig ist, um den Lean-Ansatz erfolgreich umzusetzen. "Nur mit Lean können Unternehmen heute in einem globalisierten, von starkem Wettbewerb geprägten Umfeld bestehen. Ein schlankes Unternehmen zu leiten, verlangt allerdings einen völlig neuen Managementansatz, dessen Fokus auf der Verbesserung sowohl der Prozesse als auch der Leistung liegt. Ein Managementansatz, der mithilfe der Entwicklung der Mitarbeiter zu echten Ergebnissen führt. In dieser Fortsetzung des internationalen Bestsellers The Gold Mine zeigen uns Michael und Freddy Ballé, wie ein Lean-Leader geformt wird. Folgen Sie dem Werksleiter Andrew Ward auf seiner herausfordernden und lohnenswerten Reise und lernen Sie, wie Sie sich selbst und Ihr Team verändern können und sich Ihr Unternehmen in ein schlankes Unternehmen verwandeln lässt, das die Konkurrenz um Längen hinter sich lassen wird." James P. Womack, Gründer des Lean Enterprise Institute

D R U M Discipline Respect and Unity Through Music

D R U M   Discipline  Respect  and Unity Through Music Author Jim Solomon
ISBN-10 1457448017
Year 1998
Pages 56
Language en
Publisher Alfred Music

Kids love drums! The sight, the sound, the power, and the feel are tremendous motivators for many students. D.R.U.M. is an acronym for Discipline, Respect and Unity Through Music. The original D.R.U.M. group was formed at author Jim Solomon's elementary school in 1995 to provide an ensemble experience for students not involved in any of the regular music groups. The group concept is designed to stress teamwork and self-discipline while learning these intensive percussion ensembles built on music from the United States, Brazil, Africa, and China. Useful for general music classes and special groups, this book is a terrific learning tool with unlimited potential!

Schnelligkeit durch Vertrauen

Schnelligkeit durch Vertrauen Author Stephen M. R. Covey
ISBN-10 9783897499089
Year 2009
Pages 370
Language de
Publisher GABAL Verlag GmbH

Vertrauen bildet die Grundlage für alle Beziehungen und jede Form der Kommunikation, für alle Individuen, Unternehmen, Organisationen und Zivilisationen rund um den Globus. Mangelndes Vertrauen zerstört auch die erfolgreichsten Unternehmen, die mächtigste Regierung und die florierendste Wirtschaft. Trotz der offensichtlich immensen Macht von Vertrauen spielt es im realen Geschehen kaum eine Rolle und gehört wohl zu den am meisten unterschätzten Faktoren unserer Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Stephen M. R. Covey zeigt in seinem viel beachteten Buch „Schnelligkeit durch Vertrauen“, dass Vertrauen kein weicher Faktor ist, sondern ein pragmatischer und realer Wert, den man erschaffen und zur Handlungsgrundlage machen kann. Er präsentiert konkrete Vertrauensregeln und Prinzipien und zeigt, wie auf allen Ebenen eines Unternehmens Vertrauen aufgebaut, gelebt und gefördert werden kann. Seine These: Vertrauen ist eine Schlüsselkompetenz und ein Art Teilchenbeschleuniger für die Wirtschaft.